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Dear PERHIMPI, Please check your name below for the printed ID Card. For those whose names are listed, please send the complete address for the delivery. For those who are willing to pick the card up directly, please drop us messages via the contact provided here. Other names are still under correction for printed out. Thank you for your attention.   Contacts: Hari Kurniawan / 082140043962 (WA) / harikurniawan2507@gmail.com Yeli Sarvina / 081276618829 (WA) / ysvina@yahoo.com NO Nama No ID 1 Andi Ihwan 002/PERHIMPI/KALBAR/2017 2 Andy Bhermana 003/PERHIMPI/KALTENG/2017 3 Astryani Rasyad 076/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017 4 Ana Feronika 075/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017 5 Asmarhansyah 002/PERHIMPI/KEPRI/2017 6 Dr. Ir. Tumiar Katarina B. Manik, M.Sc 001/PERHIMPI/LAMPUNG/2017 7 Taufan ... Selengkapnya