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Please check your name below for the printed ID Card. For those whose names are listed, please send the complete address for the delivery. For those who are willing to pick the card up directly, please drop us messages via the contact provided here. Other names are still under correction for printed out.

Thank you for your attention.


Hari Kurniawan / 082140043962 (WA) / harikurniawan2507@gmail.com
Yeli Sarvina / 081276618829 (WA) / ysvina@yahoo.com

NO Nama No ID
1 Andi Ihwan 002/PERHIMPI/KALBAR/2017
2 Andy Bhermana 003/PERHIMPI/KALTENG/2017
3 Astryani Rasyad 076/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
4 Ana Feronika 075/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
5 Asmarhansyah 002/PERHIMPI/KEPRI/2017
6 Dr. Ir. Tumiar Katarina B. Manik, M.Sc 001/PERHIMPI/LAMPUNG/2017
7 Taufan Hidayat 001/PERHIMPI/NAD/2017
8 Siswanto 078/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
9 Damasus Riyanto 001/PERHIMPI/DIY/2017
10 Ahmad Suriadi 001/PERHIMPI/NTB/2017
11 Purwana Satriyo 003/PERHIMPI/NAD/2017
12 Didi Darmadi 002/PERHIMPI/NAD/2017
13 Prof. Dr. Ir. Eddy Hermawan, M.Sc 001/PERHIMPI/JABAR/2017
14 Aminah 079/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
15 Nanin Anggraini 072/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
16 Abdul Aziz 073/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
17 Alberd Boro 077/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
18 Dr. Sobri Effendy 040/PERHIMPI/PUSAT/2017
19 Muhtar 001/PERHIMPI/SULBAR/2017
20 Yusuf 001/PERHIMPI/MALUKU/2017
21 Dr. Akas Pinaringan Sujalu 001/PERHIMPI/KALTIM/2017
22 Muh. Amin 002/PERHIMPI/KALTIM/2017
23 F.F. Munier 002/PERHIMP/KALTENG/2017
24 Ir. Haruna, MS 001/PERHIMPI/NTT/2017
25 Much. Hidayah Marasabessy, SP, M.Si 001/PERHIMPI/MALUT/2017
26 Muhammad Ismail 004/PERHIMPI/NAD/2017
27 Samijan 002/PERHIMPI/JATENG/2017

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